After-Action Report – Challenger Re-Organization Meeting

In Attendance:

Bob Vosseller
Emily Vosseller
Jeff Victor
Laura Victor
Todd Brugmans
Annie Brugmans
Julia Victor
Kevin Victor
Jen Renda
Jim Renda
Chris Ruff
Joyce Terrana

Todd & Annie’s house, Leisure Village, Lakewood, NJ

  1. First order of business is to establish the Command Staff for 2018.
    • Commanding Officer: Bob Vosseller
    • Executive Office: Jeff Victor
    • Chief of Communications: Laura Victor, Assistant Chief Communications: Jen Renda (New Posting)
    • Chief of Security: Kevin Victor, Assistant Chief Security: (POSITION OPEN)
    • Chief of Engineering: Ken Diehl, Assistant Chief of Engineering: Ken Ruff (New Posting)
    • Chief of Science: Annie Brugmans, Brittany Melillo (Pending)
    • Chief of Operations: Todd Brugmans (New Posting), Assistant Chief of Operations: Chris Ruff (New Posting)
    • Chief of Medical: Joyce Terrana (New Posting), Assistant Chief of Medical: Jeanne Terrana (New Posting), Ship’s Counselor: Emily Vosseller
    • Chief Financial Officer: Julia Victor
  2. The Commanding Officer will be reaching out to those members whose membership has recently expired to see if they will continue aboard ship.
  3. For those crew not currently assigned to a division aboard ship, or for those who may with to transfer to a different division, please contact our Executive officer and/or the Commanding Officer.
    • Several members have participated in Starfleet Academy training, others have actively participated in Challenger events, these activities have assigned point values which will be reviewed in the next month by your division chiefs for promotions at or below the rank of Captain.
    • Crew members eligible for Captain or above must have a letter of recommendation sent to the Region for consideration
    The command Staff has adopted new guidelines for membership dues for fiscal year 2018. Dues will be as follows:

    • Single Membership- $15.00 (Includes membership to Starfleet International)
    • Family Membership (2) – $18.00 (Includes membership to Starfleet International)
    • Family Membership (3) – $21.00 (Includes membership to Starfleet International)
    • Family Membership (4) – $24.00 (Includes membership to Starfleet International)
    • Family Membership (5) – $28.00 (Includes membership to Starfleet International)Family Membership (6) – $30.00 (Includes membership to Starfleet International)The collections for the dues will be collected at the chapter level-and memberships with Starfleet will be processed on your behalf
  6. Current Ship’s Financial Status:
    As of January 2nd, USS Challenger has $1033.80.
    Operations Department
    New Color brochures will have details regarding the 30th celebration
    Business Cards with chapter information will be developed for recruiting efforts
    Looking into Givaways (like pens) for recruiting efforts
    Operations department will develop new On-Site sign up forms for recruiting efforts in 2018.
    Starter Membership Packets are going to be prepared so we may actively sign people up at events.
  8. Ship Notifications and Updates to the Calendar:
    The Primary contact for the ship to the crew will be through the USS Challlenger E-Mail list. Secondary notifications will be posted jointly on the Facebook Challenger site and the USS Challenger Website. A Google Calendar is being developed to include automatic meeting notices, and membership renewal dates.
  9. Event calendar will continue to see updates on the Facebook page.
  10. A Virtual Newsletter is in development for the club. E-mailed newsletter will include topics of interest to the crew, whether it is Trek-related or not. ENTIRE CREW encouraged to participate. Please contact the Chief of Communications for submissions and additional details.
    Executive Officer

    • The Embroidered Ship’s merchandise will be narrowed down to a set number of colors of Polo Shirts, T-Shirts, Hats, Sweatshirts, and Light Jackets.
    • Other Items such as messenger bags will be offered in Black. Orders for the Embroidered items will go through Jeff Victor 4 times throughout the year.
    • The January order was placed, addressing orders pending for 2017. The next orders will be taken at the April Ship meeting, then subsequent orders for this year will be scheduled for the August Meeting, and the November Meeting. Prices and complete catalog details will be available at upcoming meetings.

    • Total manufactured: 100 PINS
    • To date, we have sold 68 pins. 10 pins have been placed on Chapter Hold status – 22 pins left to sell
    • Money to Challenger Savings: $130.00
    • Money Spent on 30th Anniversary decorations $100.00
    • Money Pending deposit to USS Challenger: $150.00
    • Total Money Collected on Pin Project: $380.00
    • Remaining Pending Sales: $220.00The Pins have been sent out internationally, Countries receiving the pins include Canada, the UK, Scotland, Australia, and New Zealand.
    Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Party Decorations Chair.
    The CO is working on getting a firm commitment on a venue for our event, moved to October due to a heavy amount of activity within Region 7 in September. Additional details will follow at the February ship’s meeting. The Chief Financial officer provided a break down of catering options for the event, and the Decorations chair showed examples of items already acquired for the event.
    • 6-month overview.
    • Details will be added to the Google and Facebook event calendars shortly.
    The regularly scheduled monthly meetings will be held at the SEASIDE HEIGHTS COMMUNITY CENTER. DATES are:

    • 2/4/18
    • 3/4/18
    • 4/8/18 (Rescheduled from 4/1/18 to avoid Easter Sunday)
    • 5/6/18
    • 6/3/18
    • 7/14/18 – (NO FORMAL MEETING IN JULY, 7/8-10 Shore Leave Convention, Annual CHALLENGER Picnic.)

After Action Report Dutifully Submitted by RADM Todd Brugmans, Operations Chief, USS Challenger, R7 Permissions to re-post have been granted.