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About the Challenger

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Frequently Asked Questions about the USS Challenger

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Is there a fee to join?
A. Yes, the USS Challenger charges membership dues.  There are discounted dues for couples and families, but please use our Join the Challenger link for more information on these costs, as they are pro-rated throughout the year.

Do you need to be a member of Starfleet to join the Challenger?
No, you do not need to join STARFLEET to become a member.  However, if you volunteer to be a member of the command staff, you must join STARFLEET within 60 days.

Do you have an age requirement?
No, we do not.  Challenger encourages families to join.  However, all minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.  We do not provide child-care services, nor can we accept responsibility for minor children.

Can I attend an event before I join?
Absolutely, you can!  We encourage our prospective members to join us at an event or meeting to see what we are all about.

Do I have to have a Star Trek uniform?
Of course not.  Some of our members choose to purchase uniforms, but it is never a requirement.

Do you guys just like Star Trek?
Our members love all sorts of Sci-Fi, Horror and Fantasy.  Our membership is diverse in it’s likes, so you’ll find folks who are fans of shows and movies like Battlestar Galactica, Heroes, Star Wars, Stargate, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and even Mad Men!  Just ask, someone will probably share your passion for your favorite genre.

What kind of events do you have?
We participate in a myriad of events throughout the year.  We attend conventions, STARFLEET Regional and International Conferences and comic shows, march in parades, throw parties, have meetings, and perform community service.  Just check our calendar for various upcoming events.

What rank do I have if I join?  Do I have to “sir” people?
Ranks are fictional and a reflection of your service in the club.  This isn’t the military, we never “sir” anyone!  When you join, you are assigned a non-commissioned officer rank and you can be promoted from there.  No one may use rank to order people around.  Remember, we’re here to have fun!  You may notice most of our command staff is high ranking (Captain or above), this is due to their long service either on the Challenger, in STARFLEET or both.

What about fiction?
Challenger’s fiction is long, but flexible enough to enjoy.  If you enjoy writing, you may want to take a crack at creating a Challenger Chronicle.  More information on this is available in the handbook.

Are there any other policies I should know about?
We’re here to have fun, but there are rules in place.  These rules are meant to protect all members.  A membership handbook is available once you join, but the main rule is to treat other members with respect at all times.


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